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Ensemble HD released “Live at the Happy Dog” on May 15, 2013 which was recorded at the celebrated hipster Happy Dog bar in Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts district. Putting all rules aside, Ensemble HD is taking straight-up chamber music and serving it with gourmet hot dogs and brew. Hear the audiences erupt in cheers to Beethoven, or murmur admiration of Shostakovich as glasses clink and sirens and busses pass on the street outside. In this local watering hole on a December night in Cleveland, it was about friends and fellowship and food, but as the final beers were served and the crowd settled in to hear the last set, most of all, it was about the music.


“freshness and verve brought to the music by a superb assemblage of Cleveland Orchestra musicians”
– American Record Guide, Mark L. Lehman, March/April 2014

“The Debussy performance is one of the best out there…Smith’s performance (is) instructive and inspiring.”
– Flute Talk, May/June 2014

“This album is part of a grand (and successful) experiment to bring classical music out of the sacred halls of the symphony and opera houses down to a place where the average person might be more likely to go: in this case, a bar. ”
“we are treated to wonderful performances of choice pieces by Beethoven, Piazolla, Webern, Britten, Ravel, Debussy, Shostakovich”
– Audiophile review.com, Mark Smotroff, September 2013

“Joshua Smith’s flute opening to Debussy’s Prelude to an Afternoon of the Faun is positively chilling.”
– Cool Cleveland, Thomas Mulready

“The album has the feeling of a live jazz recording. The audience is there and you get the feel of the room, but it’s all about the music.”
“A crowd favorite, Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of A Faun, arranged for flute and piano, truly captures the work’s intimate character”
“With vinyl mastering by Clint Holly of Well Made Music along with the keen vision and ears of executive producers Joshua Smith and Sean Watterson, this home town team delivers a must-have recording — not just for today when it’s the cool thing of the hour, but forever!”
– Cleveland Classical.com, Mike Telin, May 2013

“this is a gorgeous, sweet-sounding, texturally and harmonically rich “analog-sounding” recording”
“everything about this record is nothing short of miraculous”
– AnalogPlanet, December 2013

“Ensemble HD’s playing glistens with virtuosity and invention”
– Voix de Arts, December 2013, Joseph Newsome

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